Sunday, February 17, 2013


What is transformation in Sahaja Yoga in real sense?

Not the ability to say complex mantras.... It is nothing but bookish knowledge..
Not the ability to give lengthy lectures about sahaja yoga... It is a reflection of intellectual knowledge...
Not dressing up like a spiritual person... It is nothing but external looks....

Transformation is real knowledge which is
Having the love for our beloved Guru... Shri Mataji...

Carrying that feeling in our heart all the time...

That love is reflected on others... all the time...
This is real transformation, realization and self knowledge.. When this happens all other external things drop out automatically...

Here is a glimpse of that transformation from one new seeker from Bahrain... His name is Shibu, basically a web and graphics designer.  When approached for help in designing our pamphlet for a public program, upon seeing Shri Mataji's face, he decided to attend the program and get his realization.  After practicing meditation and attending our centers regularly, this is what he is able to do in such a short period of time... Creativity put into best use..
A sketch of Shri Mataji's smiling face using Galaxy Note II...
A soul kindling poem, will sure touch your heart too...

"Mother, I just have my bare hands,
but my thoughts are filled with you
every moment and every second
I am thinking of you,
I thank you for residing in my heart
and for giving me this beautiful smile,
and for giving me a state of mind
that I could use portray you
Life is not at all so busy
no matter where we are,
no matter what we do,
all that matters is when I lose you,
In my heart...

If you are interested to know more about Sahaja Yoga in Bahrain, please contact us....

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I first saw the formless in form
who taught me to worship form
I realized the power of formless
The form is now formless
But I see the formless
Both form and formless is Shri Mataji.....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Some days are so special that when you wake up, you start feeling that it is going to be a special day. Today 10 Jan 2012 was one of those days.

It was a foggy morning in Bahrain. After a deep meditation and while driving to office, looking at the weather, felt like sharing these thoughts which was running in my mind.

It was foggy but not cold
It was chill but no wind
There was light but no sun
The world was moving, yet the weather was unmoved

If we have to give form to spirit,
often I wondered how it will look like?

Today's weather was like our spirit
It feels the Joy, yet does not jump
There is light in our spirit, yet does not shine
Sorrow or happiness Yet is unmoved

Spirit is only a reflection of self
when the self disappears
Spirit starts showing, yet cannot see.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What is Adi Sakthi?

Thanks to Shri Mataji's 1993 puja video on the occassion of Adi Sakthi Puja at Cabella. During the speech many of the misnomers about the meaning and powers of Adi Sakthi was cleared. I will try to narrate below to the benefit of viewers.

The word Adi is derived from Sanskrit (Deva Lipi), the language of Gods, which means the Primordial, the supreme, which has no beginning, no end, which is omnipresent, which cannot be destroyed or created, which just exist. The word Sakthi means power. Together, we can call it as the primordial power or energy or force.

Everything is created out of this power. It can expand and recede at its will. Adi Sakthi is nothing but the power of pure love and compassion. Adi Sakthi was created out of the pure desire of Lord Shiva. The power of Adi Sakthi is immeasurable and as a reflection it is present in all living beings, but it is at a much developed state in human beings. The reflection of Adi Sakthi in human beings is nothing but Kundalini energy. When this kundalini energy is awakened it enlightens the Spirit (Atma) within us.

When the Spirit gets enlightened, it is expressed as eternal joy, love and compassion.

For analysis sake, let's think it over, If each and every human being is a reflection of Adi Sakthi, then Shri Mataji is Adi Sakthi Herself.

When we say Adi Sakthi, then the typical human mind (the Indians mainly) try to equate this and imagine as a Deity armed with full weapons and sitting on a Tigress or Lion. This is due to the ignorance and past teachings of our Elders. Adi Sakthi can be felt at our finger tips and on all our chakras, whenever we sit in Meditation. In other words, when the Kundalini connects herself to the Primordial force, we can say, we are entering into the world of Adi Sakthi.

Shri Mataji says, when she took birth on this earth in Human form, even she was worried as to how she is going to open the Sahastrar (Bramharandra/fontanel bone area)of humans? since in those days, at least in India people were just worried about their life and worldly affairs. Then she decided that the power of Adi Sakthi is much greater the problems we humans face. However, whenever she tried to explain this to people, they never understood the concept. At a later stage, due to the sheer power of Adi Sakthi, regardless of the problems a person is facing, it started acting when Kundalini pierced the fontanel bone area.

She has mentioned that till now the seekers even from the ancient times in their search of Adi Sakthi had reached only up to the principle of "Bhagavati", means they have understood only about Bhagavathi. So the principle of Adi Sakthi is much greater and still to be understood in proper sense.

No amount of reading or soul searching will reach us to Adi Sakthi. Then how are we going to attain that stage?

Shri Mataji says, it is very simple... Just be in silence and meditate more. You are automatically connected to Adi Sakthi. The manifestation and expression of true love within us is a reflection of Adi Sakthi itself. When the Diety is sitting in front of us, do we need to search outside?

Ask yourself the following as an introspection?

Are we in true love with others or we just do it superficially?
When we speak to someone, do we really mean it or just doing it artificially?
In our compassion, do we really forgive people or we still carry that grudge in our heart and wait for an opportunity to take revenge?

If we are not truthful to our spirit, then whatever we plan and do will be defeated by the power of Adi Sakthi.

This is explained as "Sankalpa Vikalpa Virodhi'. She is against any planning and conditioning as Adi Sakthi is spontaneous. If we attempt to do anything which is against the will of Adi Sakthi, then she defeats such plans.

I recommend each and every Sahaja Yogi, even non Sahaja yogis to watch the DVD mentioned in the start of this blog.

Happy Adi Sakthi Puja 2010.....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why Mother is so important in our life?

Around the world, the word Mother invokes an instant emotion. Mother is the source of endless joy, love and compassion. In the history, we have heard of bad son, bad husband, wife etc. have we ever heard of bad mother? never we will hear also.

A son can become husband, father in due course of his life, however the relationship between the Mother and her children will never change. A mother remains a mother always to her children. If father is the identity behind every name, Mother is the one who first identify father to her children. The child starts believing from then on.

Let's look at how mother is respected as per Indian culture.

In the order of worship, Mother is placed first in the vedas followed by father, guru and God. In indian language, it is Matha, Pitha, Guru and Deivam.

Even those who have renounced the worldly life and took to saintlyhood, whenever they see their Mother, they can prostate at their Mother's feet, whereas if the saints happen to meet their father, they should not do so on the contrary, the father should prostate before the saint, even if it happnes to be his own son.

The saints cannot perform funeral rites as we normal humans do for our own parents, relatives etc. since they have renounced all bondage, however if the deceased happens to be the saint's mother, they are allowed to perform the funeral rites.

Mother is given the highest respect in any society. If we have to prosper in our life, please try to get your mother's love and grace which will protect us in the long run. No mother will curse her children, however if it happens, then your life is doomed for generations together.

Similarly for our spiritual ascent too, it is very very important that we follow the advises of our Holy Mother Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, who happens to be a compassionate Mother as well as our Guru.

Through her Grace, let's awake the inner mother within us, the mother kundalini and through that light, let us enlighten our spiritual knowledge.

Monday, June 14, 2010

No Pains no gains

I had a thought provoking week, thanks to the fracture on my toe. We had a sahaj program in British School of Bahrain last week. Prior to the start of the program, I had an injury on my toe, however considering the importance of doing Mother's work, I just ignored and attended the program. Even though I had little difficulty in walking, I din't experience any major pain as our attention was more on the new seekers to help them get their self realisation.
The next day when I visited the hospital, the Doctor confirmed fracture on my toe and the following whole week, I was struggling with pain. However, thanks to Shri Mataji's various lectures and video, I could divert my attention at home and forget the pain inflicted by the injury. This was the moment I experienced that our body is different from the Spirit. The spirit does not experience any pain at all, rather it is joyous when you do Mother's work. Prior to this experience, I had read about many saints who could differentiate between their body and spirit and nothing deterred their spirit. For example, Ramana Maharishi underwent surgery without anasthescia. Similary Paramacharya underwent eye surgery without any anasthescia. I was always fascinated how this is possible? It would be a mockery to compare myself with those great saints, however the point I want to stress here is about body and spirit and both has no connection. Regardless of the state of your body, the spirit can be kept joyous provided you take your inner attention to a higher level.

The Next week, on my follow up visit to the Doctor, since he was relaxed a bit, we had little chat about pain in physical as well as in philosophical sense. I repeat the Doctor's golden words here..
"Even though pain is an unpleasant feeling, it is a blessing from God as Pain can be experienced only by Living beings and not by Dead things".

This was the second thought provoking moment. It is true that behind every pain, there is a gain. In my case in the physical sense, the pain I underwent was a proof that my toe was on its way to normalcy, it's part of the repair process. That is a confirmation that my toe would soon be back to normalcy.

Similarly even in our lives, behind every pain, there is a gain. It's the test of endurance. Pain gives you strength to face the challenge and succeed. If you look at the History, after every War there was peace, life bubbled to normalcy and humans in their quest to conquer nature invented so many things which prevented a repeat act.

Face the pain, accept the pain with a smile and work out your way to succeed the pain as you will gain sooner. Even if nothing happens, least we would learn a lesson.

On the videos and speeches I watched, I was amazed by Mother's usage of words which are truly divine and each word is a Mantra by itself. Some of it I re produce below for the benefit of readers:-

"The divine is more interested in a little worm which is alert and lives outside than a dead one at King's palace"

"The little feather weighs much more than the ship" - This is about realization process and benefits of kundalini awakening.

"The powers of Adi Sakthi is much greater than the problems we (humans) face" - Adi sakthi puja 1993, Cabella.

"If you do not meditate with such intensity that I feel you in my Body, then you have no right to question me" - Adi sakthi puja 1993, Cabella.

"If you meditate regularly with intensity, then I'm responsible for your ascent" - Adi sakthi puja 1993, Cabella.

I'll try to describe about adi sakthi and our mis-conception in my next blog.

Your comments and feedback are most welcome and will be a source of encouragement.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Ganesha is the essence of mooladhara
Brahmadev saraswati is the essence of swadistan
Mahalakshmi is the essence of Nabhi
Dattatreya is the essence of Void
Sadashiv is the essence of Anahat
Krishna is the essence of Vishudhi
Lord Jesus is the essence of Agnya
Kalki is the essence of Sahastrar.

Mataji is the essence of Sahaj
She is the essence of Purity
She is the essence of True Love and compassion

Our mother is the ocean of Joy
Let's bask in her glory